34,730 name brand shoes and counting. We’re going to need a bigger closet!

About Us

The “ShoeSniper” Story


Thank you for visiting ShoeSniper.com.  My name is Nick Loper and I’ve been in the “shoe game” since 2004.  When I tell people what I do, they usually make an Al Bundy joke or say I have some strange shoe fetish.  The truth is I wanted to build a new kind of comparison shopping engine.  Instead of trying to be everything to everyone, this new site would do just one thing and (try to) do it well. 


And as luck would have it, that one thing was shoes.




I cut my teeth in the shoe business as a young marketing intern at Seattle-based OnlineShoes.com.  During my time there I learned, among other things, that people bought shoes online.  Who knew!

The following year, I took a completely unrelated job in the auto industry and moved to the east coast. 


With an empty apartment and relatively few friends, I decided I needed a hobby.  After a few months of development, Shoes ‘R Us was born.


The Website Formerly Known as ShoesRUs.net


ShoesRUs.net was the previous version of ShoeSniper.com, and it definitely had a good run during its 5-year lifetime.  Initially I worked nights and weekends to maintain and update the site, but it soon became a second full-time job.  Since I was having more fun with my little side project than I was at work, I quit my day job to become a full time “shoe salesman” in 2008. 


Eventually Shoes ‘R Us outgrew its britches.  With thousands of customers shopping for shoes each day, it was more than our little system could handle.  Some say it died too young, but I knew it was time to move on. 




After more than a year of development, the new-and-improved site made its glorious debut. The goal of ShoeSniper.com is to bring the inventory of all the online shoe stores into one place to making shoe-shopping easier and more transparent.  The system is updated daily to maintain accurate inventory and pricing information, and I do my best to include accurate tax, shipping, and discount information so you can make an informed buying decision.  Knowledge is power!


Buy With Confidence


All the online stores featured on our site are recognized leaders in ecommerce.  The industry is intensely competitive; if they offered anything less than stellar service, security, and customer satisfaction, they wouldn’t be in business. 


Giving Back


ShoeSniper.com donates a portion of the proceeds from every order to Soles4Souls.org, a non-profit group dedicated to providing basic footwear to our world’s neediest children.


The Company


ShoeSniper.com is a Bryck Media, LLC company based in Northern California.  Technically it’s the only Bryck Media company, but hey, you gotta start somewhere.




Since the beginning, we’ve generated nearly $15 million in shoe sales for our advertising partners.  If you have an online shoe store and want to get in on some of that, please contact me: nick@shoesniper.com.




Shoes 'R Us was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, the Financial Times, and in the book The Other 8 Hours.  ShoeSniper.com has been seen in the New York Times, the San Jose Mercury News, and on WebProNews.